Psychotherapy & Counselling

Psychotherapy can help an individual improve their emotional wellbeing, resilience and the quality of their relationships, addressing symptoms including anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, isolation and a sense of being lost.

For Organisations

I help business and business leaders tackle stress, boost mental wellbeing, increase resilience and build better teams.


ByCathy Connan Jul 3, 2020

… Yet

Yet… it’s only got three letters, but it’s a word with power. I use it again and again in my psychotherapy. The client’s struggling with s...

ByCathy Connan Jun 25, 2020

Embrace your anger

Hands up if you get angry. I’ve done a few straw polls and most people’s hands go up. Keep them up if you think it’s okay to feel and expres...

ByCathy Connan Jun 19, 2020

Connect in Loneliness Awareness Week

This week has been Loneliness Awareness Week. The Marmalade Trust, which hosts the week, was set up to raise awareness of loneliness and help ...

ByCathy Connan Jun 12, 2020

Proud to be British?

Straight after university I travelled around the world with a friend. In South East Asia we were continually asked if we were Australian. Fina...