8 features of great news stories

Screenshot 2015-10-28 18.47.07I’ve been working in PR and communications for over 25 years. I’ve generated thousands of column inches for my clients and am often asked how to do it.

To my way of thinking great news stories have eight features in common:

  1. The story is universal. You might think it’s incredibly interesting but is it relevant to others, particularly those who read, listen to or watch the media outlet.
  2. Good news stories are more than just important; they’re topical. 6,500 people dying by suicide each year is important but it’s just as relevant tomorrow as it is today.
  3. People are interested in people. Great stories have people at the heart; we can immediately see who’s affected and why.
  4. The story says something. I know you’re ‘delighted’ Jane Smith has joined the business but how will her skills help you transform it? What’s the difference she can make?
  5. There’s a narrative, a story, not just a bunch of facts and bits of information. ‘The management team grabbed with both hands the opportunities for growth presented by collaboration with an international partner’ not ‘turnover grew by xx% year on year’.
  6. There’s no nonsense. Nothing is ‘further enhanced’ and there are no ‘unique, bespoke solutions’.
  7. Language is straightforward, not ‘pseudo-intellectual’. Growth is quick not exponential.
  8. And finally, but importantly, it’s brought to life by great pictures.

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By Cathy Connan

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