Do something different and see what happens!

screenshot-2016-09-23-07-53-34Today I am starting something new.

You could argue it’s something completely different, unlike anything I have ever done before.  You could say it complements well the core communication work I have been doing for many years.  You could also argue it is a natural step, part of an evolutionary process I have been following since at least 2009.

Whatever your perspective, it’s new and I’m feeling motivated and excited about the day ahead.

It got me thinking, how often have I felt this way before.  On the first day in a job.  Starting work on a new project.  Joining a new team? As an independent consultant I’m luckier than most since new teams, projects and contracts are relatively common.  But they were certainly not every day occurrences when I worked in businesses.  Quite the contrast really.  We wanted stability, continuity, people’s expertise in the area in which we knew it added value, rather than shaking things up in the interests of variety.

The challenge is how to get this feeling of excitement and motivation more into our day-to-day working lives.  Get it right and it will certainly help work out the ‘productivity puzzle’.

One option is to share the buzz around the business. Shout about successes like business wins; but it is just as important if not more so to get really excited about client and customer retention.  There is always something new happening in a business, from introducing best practice to launching a product or service.  The trick is to get everyone engaged, even if they are not personally touched.  A strong, interactive internal communications programme is crucial for getting this right.

But just sitting here thinking about it, there are plenty of other ways to give people a shot of motivating excitement.  What about quick job swaps, change the office décor (believe it or not it can have an incredible effect on our mood) or develop a new approach to meetings, (but not one where everyone has to stand to make them shorter!)  Start a talent-sharing forum, get the team out to see relevant and really interesting speakers or better still, invite them in.  You could even offer the team something totally unrelated to the job, like painting classes or horse riding.

What are you going to do in your business to sprinkle a little of the excitement that comes with something new around the whole team?  I’d love to know.

Have a good weekend.

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By Cathy Connan

I'm an integrative psychotherapist. I help people invest in their wellbeing and live the life they want.