#glovie at the Rugby World Cup

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 16.43.28I love this idea. The Greenfingers #glovie.

Greenfingers, the gardening industry’s charity, creates magical gardens for children’s hospices.

Garden glove retailer Briers launched the #glovie earlier this year to raise money and awareness for Garden Re-Leaf Day, the focus of fundraising for Greenfingers.

The #glovie is a neat twist on the #selfie; it can’t fail to put a smile to your face. It’s a great platform for participation and before long people were buying the gloves and taking their own #glovie, 35p going to Greenfingers for every pair purchased. Over £8,000 was raised for the charity.

Then the industry had a little fun and awarded Briers ‘a very special ‘Golden #Glovie’ at the annual Garden Industry Marketing Awards.

The campaign then went a little quiet but a deft move by the Garden Re-Leaf Day founder gave it new life. He took it all the way to the Rugby World Cup, taking a #glovie at the Japan vs South Africa match. All journalists love to take a national story and make it relevant to their audience and this little stunt let the garden trade media do exactly that!

He’s challenged everyone else in the industry going to a World Cup match to take their own #glovie so the story has legs for the next few weeks.

Tapping into the national news agenda is a great way to reinvigorate a story. There are ways you can do something similar in your business. Give me a call to talk about how.

[Image from Garden Trade News]


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