Introducing Space for You

We all feel worn down sometimes, stressed by life’s demands and responsibilities.

Telling like-minded people how you feel and being heard, understood and accepted can make a big difference.

Space for You is a safe place where you can connect with others and offload some of life’s pressures.

At the same time, there’s an opportunity to explore the obstacles to your wellbeing and to discover some strategies to help you boost your happiness.

Each Space for You has a different theme. The first will focus on Undoing Stress. We’ll reflect on what you may find stressful, the impact of stress and discover realistic ways to reduce it.

Future Space for You sessions will cover all sorts of topics, each with an eye to supporting your resilience and boosting your wellbeing. They will include the power of daily acts of kindness, the importance of playing to our strengths, the need to embrace challenging emotions and the impact of a good goodbye.

Click here to book your ticket. Places are limited.

Space for You offers a safe and supportive environment, not psychotherapy or counselling.

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By Cathy Connan

Communication strategist for businesses large and small. Love riding horses and walking my dogs.