It’s people, stupid!

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 12.13.36Hilary Rodham Clinton is making history, the first female presidential nominee. She’s using slogans to get her message across: ‘do the most good’, ‘love trumps hate’ and a ‘woman’s place is in the White House’.

Bill was elected in 1992, with the slogan ‘it’s the economy, stupid’.

Slogan’s can be really powerful, particularly if they capture a truth in a few simple words.

My one for the week, borrowing from Bill, is ‘it’s people, stupid’.

As human’s we’re pre-programmed to seek relationships. We look for them ahead of basic needs like food. Harry Harlow’s brutal experiments on rhesus macaque monkeys illustrate this point clearly. Google him to find out more.

So it’s no surprise the best news stories, the ones that engage the media and generate the most coverage, are the ones about people, particularly if they’re doing extraordinary things.

This week I was writing a news story about a seminar. I could have written about the number of people there, the topics covered. But it was a couple of quotes from delegates, explaining what they’d learnt and the difference it would make to their businesses that really brought the piece to life.

I’m working with Baby Bio®. We challenging people to take the Big Boost Challenge; plant up two containers, water both and add a little Baby Bio® Outdoor to one once a fortnight. We’ve created all sorts of visuals to show the difference feeding makes, but it’s when we post pictures of the results of our very own Big Boost Challenge that we really get people engaged.

One of my clients has just raised a lot of money for a charity. Fundraising stories are always great, especially if the sum is large and there’s a good photo. But this story was better than the norm because we showed the way the money is changing the lives of specific individuals.

I remember pitching a story to a broadcast journalist about the work of a mental healthy charity. They did some brilliant, innovative work with an incredibly diverse client group. But what sold the interview was the back-story of the spokesperson.

If you want to generate great media coverage, the answer’s simple: ‘it’s the people, stupid’.

Weave real people into the heart of your stories and watch your results increase!

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By Cathy Connan

I'm an integrative psychotherapist. I help people invest in their wellbeing and live the life they want.