For organisations

I have the unusual combination of an MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy and over 30 years as a PR and communications professional.

I’ve worked in all sorts of environments – very corporate, high pressured, demanding, target driven, touchy feely, social, cliquey and fun. I give my creative and spontaneous best when I feel valued and, in particular, when the internal messages match the subliminal ones.

As a psychotherapist, I also know that irrespective of the environment, my process, or the ‘lens’ through which I see and experience the world, has a big role to play in my perception of ‘reality’ and the way I shape and react to it.

This is why the stress management, burnout prevention and team development training workshops I offer are different.

The way we see and experience the world effects how we manage stress and take care of ourselves. It impacts every relationship so is at the heart of team dynamics, for good and bad. And, like it or not, it influences every decision we take.

Work with me – one-to-one or in a bespoke workshop – and you will get the opportunity to explore your ‘lens’ and how it impacts your performance. Teams, including boards, will get the opportunity to develop a new and better approach that will help bring out the best in every member.

Contact me now if you want to find out more about my training and personal development workshops that tackle stress, boost mental wellbeing, increase resilience and build better teams.