Turn your customers into advocates

shutterstock_258632825If you’ve got the product, price and service right and people know about you, they’ll buy.

But if they feel connected to you, loyal, they’ll be your advocate.

I get my weekly food shopping delivered; I can never find what I want in store and hate the queues and crowds. I switched to Waitrose for a change and now can’t stop singing their praises.

Food at its sell by date is free and the drivers have goodies every day in the van they can give to customers as they choose. I’ve had two boxes of chocolates, a bottle of wine and, importantly, treats for my dogs!

Advocates like me are powerful. Without the vested interests of the business we’re believable and persuasive.

So how can you turn your customers into advocates?

We are all social beings, categorizing ourselves into different groups according to all sorts of criteria from our values and political affiliation to the books we read or films we love.

Our sense of self comes from membership of these groups and we behave accordingly. Even a slight affiliation can have a disproportionate effect. Tell some people they are in the red group and others are in the blue group and they will begin to favour those in their own group.

It’s extraordinary but it’s well evidenced. Look up Henry Tajfel and Social Identity Theory.

Imagine then how powerful it would be if your customers felt part of your social group, better about themselves for buying from you.

As Waitrose has done with me you have to get the product and service right. Then it’s about building the unity of the group.

There are plenty of tools and techniques you can use, for example customer magazines and tailored offers. Initiatives that add value can be particularly effective.

But irrespective of the tactics you use, language is important. Sharpen your messages and express them in the right way and you will soon be creating advocates.

Give me a call to find out how.


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By Cathy Connan

I'm an integrative psychotherapist. I help people invest in their wellbeing and live the life they want.