When is it ever going to get cold!

I’m getting really fed up with the warm wet weather.

I have two big dogs to walk a couple of times every day. There is always a period in the autumn when the fields are sodden and you can almost skate in the mud, it’s so slippery. The dogs get filthy when they’re off the lead, sniffing through the hedgerow and amongst the rabbit warrens. Cleaning them before they’re allowed back in the house can take a while.

But by this time of year things are generally colder and there’s not so much mud. When it gets really cold and the ground freezes they come home almost as clean as they left so there’s no washing and wiping required!

There’s not much I can do but cut back on emissions and support others who do the same.

My energies are better focused where I can make a difference, which is why I’m spending some of the Christmas break doing things that get pushed to the back in the day-to-day pressure of deadlines.

Multipliers: in 2016 one of my clients wants to become known as the driver of standards in its industry. We already have a campaign planned for next year but I want to take some time out to find the multipliers, those who can ‘amplify’ the message for us and so connect with a far bigger chunk of the target audience.

Twitter: for two of my business-to-business clients this is an increasingly important platform so I’m planning a happy morning building the appropriate lists, finding the right handles and locating the conversations we can join.

Don’t bother if the message isn’t right: I’m doing a short talk on why businesses need to get their messages right at a Coventry Chamber event in February. I’m going use the space to think creatively to make sure I really engage the audience.

Communication Champ: the first ‘expert insights’ have been filmed and are now being edited. They’ll be ready to go live from January so I’m going to pull together the communication plan for this project.

And of course, I have an essay to write that has to be submitted at the start of January! Why is it that in higher education there is always something to be handed in or an exam to take straight after a holiday break!

Have a lovely Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2016!

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By Cathy Connan

I'm an integrative psychotherapist. I help people invest in their wellbeing and live the life they want.