Where did all the time go!

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 07.52.43I’m about to start a new project with the aim of shifting the behaviour pattern of a really busy team.

The team is incredibly responsive, dealing really efficiently with multiple media enquiries but never quite getting ahead enough to act strategically.

They need to identify what they want to say, to whom, and where to say it to get the outcomes the organisation wants. Then they need to run the stories that will get them there.

(The people I’ve met so far are smart so I’m really looking forward to getting my sleeves rolled up.)

Meanwhile, yesterday morning I was at a really interesting Coventry & Warwickshire First event. The speaker was Professor Nigel Driffield of Warwick Business School. He spoke on leadership.

He said plenty of interesting things. Think of the leaders who got the best or the worst out of you and understand what they did. Brief the gossips and get them on side. Remember we’re all in it together; we’re separated by experience not ability.

In the context of this blog he said something particularly interesting when he answered a question about his perception of the value of external consultants. He said their objective perspective is often the most valuable thing they bring. They’re not wrapped up in the culture, not bound by the way things have always been done, they can see things afresh.

An internal team could almost certainly see what needs changing themselves if only they had the time. If they could step back from the desk and get a little distance they could effect change.

Where has all the time gone!

It’s one of my goals this year to find time, down time and time to think. Two weeks in I’ve made some progress but it’ll be interesting six months in to see how I’m doing!


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By Cathy Connan

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